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Identified by CCEDC’s Board of Directors as a key strategic priority, the organization’s Workforce Development initiatives have expanded this fiscal year to include the 2023 Workforce Summit and the launch of Project RECONNECT as we continue to focus on building a workforce pipeline across all industries, and so much more.


Securing the funding for Project RECONNECT was a massive step forward in CCEDC’s mission to address the labor crisis, providing a $1.8 million grant to implement a first-of-its-kind, cross-county collaboration that supports Pennsylvania residents with some college, but no degree.

Project RECONNECT is a pilot project that will support approximately 100 Pennsylvanians to re-engage in post-secondary education, complete their credential, and obtain employment in a high-priority or in-demand occupation.

The program provides students with success navigators and financial assistance to remove major barriers, such as tuition, childcare and transportation.

The Chester County Workforce Development Board is the fiscal agent for the grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

“This program is such a gift and has the potential to really change a student’s future, while growing our workforce in a meaningful way.”
-Patti VanCleave
VP, Workforce Development & STEM

By the Numbers: Cultivating Careers

Youth impacted
Participating organizations
Employees trained
Dislocated workers served

2023 Workforce Summit

More than 100 people gathered in May for CCEDC’s 2023 Workforce Summit: Solving the Workforce Crisis Together. Held at the Chester County Government Services Center, the summit designed by CCEDC brought together leaders from the business, education and non-profit sectors to hear valuable information on current and anticipated workforce trends, as well as strategies for enhancing the employee experience. Conversations from that event continue, with discussion of making it an annual workforce summit complemented by intermittent seminars.

TECH360 returned in November 2022 after a hiatus due to COVID-19. The full-day tech experience features the area’s top tech employers, thought leaders, industry innovators and service providers.

Women in Agriculture

In June, more than 20 farm women and service providers attended the Women in Agriculture lunch at Crow’s Nest Preserve. The AgConnect event celebrated women farmers who keep our food system advancing.

Last summer, STEM Innovation Summer Career Academies offered students the opportunity to explore in-demand careers, boost their college applications and develop long-lasting friendships. 72 students, ages 10-16, participated in hands-on STEM activities in 5 specialty camps, while earning nationally recognized certifications and meeting workforce professionals.

Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology (GETT) had a busy year producing virtual programming at the tail end of the pandemic while launching a brand new website and announcing its move to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Moving forward, GETT can accommodate more young women in STEM than ever at this full-day, free event that has become a mainstay.

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